South Walton's 2018 Artist of the Year

"I am so lucky to live and work beside the white sand beaches and turquoise water of South Walton. I am so honored to now be representing that area as the South Walton's 2018 Artist of the Year. It is going to be an amazing year!"


CHROMA Studio & Gallery features the art of local artist, Kathleen Broaderick. Browse oil paintings in the gallery or take a class in Kathleen’s studio.  Oil painting workshops featuring her energetic, loose and colorful style as well acrylic, paint and sip-type classes for artists and non-artists alike.  The CHROMA Studio & Gallery is a place where guests will feel comfortable expressing themselves and find the joy in art. 


"If you have not already seen the work of local artist Kathleen Broaderick, be sure a check it out! Whether she is painting landscape, wildlife or still life, each stroke is energetic, loose and colorful. Kathleen’s brushwork is somehow energetic and calming at the same time, kind of like a hazy dream you don’t want to forget when you wake up in the morning."

by Artists Of 30a


Works of Art

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